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Lian Van Hout

Lian Van Hout

Counselor/ Neuropsychologist


M.A. Clin. Neuro Psych. (UvA) B.A.Psychology (UvA)

Lian is from the Netherlands, she received her Master degree in Clinical Neuropsychology from the University of Amsterdam.

She has worked in different clinical settings with patients who suffer from mental illness, dementia, acquired brain injury and ADHD. She has volunteered in Thailand where she has set-up English programs in orphanages.

During her studies she enjoyed learning about the brain‐behavior relationship and the application of such knowledge to the clinical field. She manages the dual-diagnosis program and assists clients who experience both mental illness and substance abuse issues.

She believes knowledge is power and encourages people to empower themselves to learn about their mental health issues and develop skills to recover.

One of Lian’s interests is the use of mindfulness and meditation to help people to improve their mental, physical and spiritual health. She believes that bringing awareness into your life with mindfulness and meditation can enhance inner peace and a better recognition of emotions and thoughts.

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