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Drug Addiction Rehab

Why am I an addict?

To understand Drug Treatment or treatment programs better, we need to understand what happens in our brain. All our brains contain a reward system. This system is “rewarded” by a chemical called dopamine, which induces euphoria or a state of happiness or satisfaction. Usually dopamine is excreted by processes of survival, such as eating, having sex, and loving others. We wouldn't do the necessary things of life if not for this chemical. 

Yet, in addicts, there is a dysfunction in this dopaminergic system (dopamine-based system) of the mid-brain. In addicts, dopamine deficiency drives addictive behaviour. Drugs help to alter this deficiency. Hence, people with this dopamine deficiency problem will most likely become addicted to drugs. The deficiency shows itself when addicts escape their challenging emotions and turn to drugs for a solution. For example,
you may repeatedly use a drug to "get high" as an escape from your
depressive mood. This process is called self-medication. The depression wasn't
the cause of drug abuse, but it was a contributing factor. 

Parental abuse and neglect could
be another reason for addiction. As an adolescent or pre-adolescent, one may be
trying to gain attention from an inattentive parent or escape an abusive one by
using drugs. A drug user, or the presence of drugs at home, could also be a
major cause of your drug abuse. 

Other factors which might force
you to choose drugs are as follows: 

●       Unstable
home environment, often due to drug abuse or mental illness of a parent

●       A
poor relationship with parents

●       Use
of drugs by friends / peers

●       Behavioural
problems combined with poor parenting

●       Poor
achievement in school

●       Apparent
ambivalence or approval of drug use in the school, peer group, or community

So what exactly is drug addiction?

addiction is the inability to stop using drugs in spite of numerous attempts.
You may exhibit the behaviours below:  

You will have developed a strong tolerance towards
drugs, i.e, you would need to consume increasingly greater quantities of a drug
to                   experience the desired effect.

You experience strong withdrawal symptoms when
not using the drug.

You continue consuming drugs regardless of any
harm caused to yourself and to those around you.

You consume a dangerous amount, whenever you use.

You invest all your time to find ways to afford
the drug, as well as places to buy and use it.

You feel the need to consume drugs to function.  For example, you would need it "to get going" in the morning.

Some of the common drugs associated with
addiction are:

●       Opiates
- substances derived from the opium poppy plant, the most common drug addiction is
that of

●       Cocaine,

●       Amphetamines
- like

●       Hallucinogens
- like PCP, LSD, and
often combined with other drugs

●       Prescription
medication - such as oxycodone and morphine

●       Other
chemicals - like tobacco, steroids and inhalants

What will happen if you do not stop?

Physical effects

You will not
realize you have a problem until pronounced effects of drug abuse are seen,
often physically. While the effects of drugs on your body depend on the type of
drug used, all drug abuse negatively impacts your health.

You are
exceedingly vulnerable to:

●      Cardiovascular, Liver, and Kidney

●      Inflammation to the GI tract

●      Neuropathy

●      Confusion, dizziness, and poor short
term memory

●      Violent mood swings i.e.
depression/insomnia to anxiety/paranoia

●      Loss of libido; sexual dysfunction

●      Menstrual problems

●      Strong psychic dependence; high
risk of cross-addiction

●      Intense cravings

●      Nausea, vomiting, and constipation

●      Seizures

●      Loss of consciousness and  coma

●      Clouding of mental function

●      Heart attacks and heart failure

●      Respiratory problems and failure

●      Malnourishment

●      Fertility issues

●      Kills brain cells and damages
central nervous system

●      Damage to immune system

●      Difficulty forming/ recollecting

Psychological effects

You may
experience an increasing, intense desire to use drugs above all else. Your
craving for drugs would shift your entire mental focus to obtaining the drug.
You are solely preoccupied with where to get it, how to get money for drugs,
and where and when it can be used.

As an
addict, you may find yourself undergoing the following every now and then:

●      Altered perception

●      Mood changes

●      Disinhibiting thoughts and tendencies 

●      Neglect of responsibilities i.e.
work, home, school, and children

●      Legal problems

●      Cognitive decline - loss of memory and ability to process information 

Increased risk of suicide and violence towards others

Isolation from others due to mood/behavior changes

Irritable, hostile, and violent tempers

Confrontational personality

Increase in risky sexual behaviours

Slowing down of thoughts, reflexes, and actions

How can Solace Asia help you?

There are only two options you could be faced with if you find yourself addicted to drugs but are unwilling to do anything about it: You could either face death or go to jail. If you are willing to do something about it, you could visit an institute – a hospital or a drug rehabilitation center, like Solace Asia.

You would perhaps say that coming to us is equivalent to going to jail. But at Solace Asia, we treat you, not punish you. At our Drug Rehab Program, we teach you to derive pleasure out of the simple things in life and not obtain pleasure from abusing drugs. We stabilise the artificial reward system of your brain and make you realise that you don’t need intoxication to be happy. To achieve this, we make sure we do not treat you as though you’ve committed a crime. Healing cannot be achieved by punitive measures - shaming people about their addiction. Just like how if you suffer a stroke and lose the ability to speak or move, you would be sent to a speech therapist or a physical therapist by your family. The same applies to addicts such as yourself, by coming to Solace Asia's exclusive drug rehabilitation program.

The problem you
face is your inability to naturally perceive pleasure and Solace Asia corrects
exactly that by exposing you to fun, sober activities so that you can learn to
recognise the pleasure in the normal things in life. We practice fun - we will
take you to meet your inner child, send you sailing, flying, and rock climbing. We will find you a sport or hobby that you enjoy - all this will help return your
pleasure system to function normally in much the same manner that physical
rehabilitation returns speech and movement in stroke patients. We will not only
help you arrest your addiction, but use spiritual, creative art, music, and various other therapies which will bring you closer to your carnal
being - we will basically introduce you back to yourself.

The reason you
are turning to drugs is due to underlying issues about yourself which have not
been resolved. It could be childhood trauma or anxiety related disorders.  At Solace Asia, through our spiritual and
psychological programs, we make sure that these issues, which form the
foundation of your addiction, are resolved. We help you learn to love

What is Withdrawal Management?

Before you enter the treatment
stage, you will have to let go of the physical dependence you have with drugs.
You will undergo a managed withdrawal procedure to be free from the physical
grip of drugs in order to understand the effects and consequences drugs have
had on your life when you come to treatment at Solace Asia. This is called

Withdrawal management or
detoxification needs proper monitoring because drug dependency has disabled you
from  physically and psychologically  functioning in the absence of drugs. When you
are not using drugs, you will face what are commonly known as withdrawal symptoms, which tend to be extremely dramatic in nature. You may find yourself going
through the following symptoms:

Seizures, tremors

Hallucinations, delirium

Heart attacks, strokes

Fear, paranoia, anxiety, panic

Pain, stiffness, muscle aches, spasms

High incidence of respiratory failure, Myocardial Infarction (MI),
convulsions, aggression, suicidal attempts

Increased appetite

Sleep difficulties

Solace Asia as a solution for drug addiction

You might be worried about how you would handle these withdrawal
symptoms for they could be hugely traumatizing to deal with. At Solace Asia, with
our extremely effective and scientific withdrawal management, the experience
you will undergo will be extremely subtle to your mind and body. Read more about how we handle this at our